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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pea Green with Envy

I know it is not right to covet things but I simply cannot help myself with this beautiful hat. I noticed this hat while browsing around on Etsy.com for one of a kind items to add to my wardrobe. The hat is labeled " Nicole de Paris" and is a vintage piece from the 1940's. Perfect!! I really would like to call it my own. I'm going to copy and paste the description from the seller, her words speak better than mine : "The rayon velvet is a rich, very 1940's olive green hue. The spray of feathers is true, deep emerald varigated with black. There is a soft round base that fits at the crown of the head, and an elastic band to hold it on to your hairstyle. The folded bow-like structure drapes low over one eye. The piece is just massive - and so is the impact!" Available for $124.00 on fabgabs shop on Etsy.com. If anybody purchases this hat before I can save up to, please enjoy and I will be pea green with envy!!
~ Ashley

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