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Monday, January 4, 2010

Antiquing Adventures

Hello all! Just got back from another antiquing adventure in which I found some pretty good treasures! I'm surprised I didn't get kicked out of this antique store however, after I accidentally spilled part of my mocha from Starbucks on the glass counter displaying all the brooches and cameos. I am such a klutz! My friend swears to never been seen in public with me again. :) Anyways, I didn’t pick up any clothing items or accessories this time, like the fur front tilt hat I found last time I went antiquing, but I did find some really great albums. To my luck they were all in great condition as well! I could spend hours looking through all the albums my local antique stores have, but unfortunately do not have the much time on my hands. Luckily, today I found my treasures pretty quickly. Here’s what I picked up:

Gone With The Wind 1967 LP with accompanying picture book for $4.00!! Great buy!! Gone With The Wind is and will forever be my favorite movie of all time. A classic love story with triumph and loss combined with the amazing costumes!  It simply does not get any better than Gone With The Wind. Random fact: the number one movie quote of all time is: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn," said by Rhett Butler played by Clark Gable in GWTW, as he leaves Scarlett in the last scene of the film. Love it!

‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan -1963 LP for $8.00

I almost cried when I saw this sitting in one of the boxes and realized it was only $8.00!! Whatever employee marked this item should be fired!! But first thanked by me! J Bob Dylan is by far one of my favorite singer-songwriters. He holds a special place in my heart being from Minnesota as well. Random fact: Bob Dylan attended the University of Minnesota (where I go) and started gaining a name for himself playing the local cafes on the West Bank. What he has done for the music industry is unfounded. This LP includes songs like Blowin’ In The Wind. I plan on getting an ode to Bob Dylan in the form of lyrics to this song tattooed on my foot. Along with the word “Imagine” on my right wrist, for the late John Lennon.  

Lady Day Swings The Blues- Billie Holiday LP for $20.00

I know I probably paid too much for this album, but I just couldn’t help myself. I absolutely adore Billie Holiday and to have a greatest hits of hers on album is something I could not pass up. Her voice, her soul, and her emotion just floods every song she sings that one cannot help but become emotionally involved.  Not to mention she also has some really great hairstyles!  

So overall today I spent $32.00 at the antique store and I already, like most of you, have plans to go back soon! My next purchase hopefully will be an actual vintage record player so I can listen to my recent purchases. I could keep them safe and in good condition, but a part of me secretly wants to play them, hear the crackling and dance to the wonderful sounds being played. 

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