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Monday, January 4, 2010

Old Family Treasures

Here are a few photographs of family that I found today while just lazily looking through old boxes and drawers. I did not know that I had such treasures packed away. Most of them are of my grandmother, who seemed to be quite active and vivacious in the 40's. She was born in 1918 and died in 1986, but as these pictures hint at, she lived a very full life. What I absolutely love about these photos is the fashion and the history behind them. You can see amazing dresses full of different patterns, lovely cocktail hats and other types of hair adornments, and other fun things as well.  I wanted to share my new found treasures with you all because I know you all will appreciate them as I do. These photographs range from the 1930's until the late 1940's, so you can visibly see the evolution of fashion occurring. The looks of these eras are so distinctive. You see a picture and you can immediately tell almost to the decade when it was taken. This is something that doesn't really exist anymore. For example, women wore their hair higher on their head and in more dramatic styles in the 1940's to make up for some of their rather "bland" clothing. This clothing was bland, like I'm sure most of you know, because of using money for other expenses and resources relating to the War. So in order to still keep their dramatic looks and fashionable appeal, they focused more on their hair. Fashion has lost the ingenuity and creativity we saw during these time periods.   What kind of treasures have you guys found from your relatives' past?

    Mike Jennings Night Club, "Dancing Nightly"
St. Louis Park, MN circa mid 1940's

Andy's Bar, "Andy Ain't Mad At Nobody"
Minneapolis, MN Oct 30, 1944

Family Portrait, circa early 1920's

Circa early 1930's

Circa late 1930's

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