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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Classic Imagery and Inspiration

I was browsing through My Vintage Vogue and it is difficult not to have your breath taken away by all of the phenomenal outfits and pictures on that site. I just wanted to share a few of many of my favorites with you all. Check out that blog, it is simply amazing. Most of those photographs I have never seen before, its like a vault of the history of fashion in the 40's and 50's. Enjoy!

Suit by Irene's 1951, myvintagevogue

Charm Magazine - December 1954 , myvintagevogue

1949 LIFE Magazine - Photo Nina Leen, myvintagevogue

LIFE Magazine 1951 - photo by Nina Leen, myvintagevogue

Vogue-Jean Patchett courtesy of myvintagevogue

LIFE 1951 - photo by Nina Leen, MyVintageVogue

Hope you enjoyed! It's amazing how a style that occurred so long ago can maintain as much power now as it did back then. Why do you guys think that is? 

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