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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Susie Homemaker?

So I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I think I'm finally getting the guts to go about and start. I have decided to start making my own clothing. I am just really disappointed with what most stores offer currently. The fashion is so blah and everything is the same. If I had the money to constantly buy couture clothing and high end fashion apparel then I wouldn't be complaining but like most of you funds are low... I have heard that making your own clothing can be time consuming and a little expensive but also very rewarding. I have designed clothes for several years, I have sketchbooks filled with designs that I wish would spring to life. I know it will be difficult at first to sew, since I only have the experience from my 6th grade FACS class which was over twelve years ago might I add. It can't be that hard right? I just want the personal thrill of wearing a unique design that nobody else has. For somebody interested in fashion that is probably the best feeling in the world. I will document my endeavor on my blog all the trials and tribulations in making my dream clothing line for myself come to life. I'm just curious as to wear I will be able to find quality fabric in Minneapolis and whether or not I should buy a new sewing machine or just head to ebay and get an old one? Anyone ever sewn their own clothes before? Can it be THAT difficult?

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