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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New York Experience

So I have about two weeks (15 days technically) until I am boarding my flight to New York and it seems that I cannot think about anything else. This is beyond the normal realm of excitement I think. Maybe I just really need a vacation. Tired of working the same old retail job I have worked for the past five years, time for a change I think. Maybe I just won't come back from New York...I could see that easily happening. I still am not any farther on planning out my trip. I have the list, which is located several blogs below for your reading pleasure, but it still seems that I will only be viewing NYC through the eyes of a tourist. I want to really experience what that city ahs to offer. So often I plan a trip where I will be partaking in all of these exciting activities or hitting up this cool local bar or dining in a restaurant that would equate to a cultural experience, yet it falls through. When I pack my bags the last night before heading home I realize that I have not done anything off the beaten path that every other tourist travels down. Maybe it's that I don't know how to experience a city/state/country how the local does because I will never know what they know. I do not know many people who have traveled to NY and when I ask the ones that I know who have, I get the same old same old. I do not want to take a vacation to New York City, I want to experience New York City..The question is, I'm just not sure how to do that.


  1. Dear Ashley, my experience as a "ex-traveller" tells me you will not experience a town until you get to live in that town, meaning sharing the normal day by day with all the citizens, going to work, getting some weekend fun, living and breathing the stress, the problems, the joy... I dont know how to explain it properly, specially in English, I hope you get what i mean. I thought I was experiencing all the places I went until I stayed at one of them. And after 5 years there i realized i never got to really know any place ive been, and day after day I found out the only way to experience one town is by getting in a lot of trouble there!

  2. I completely agree with you that you cannot fully experience a town until you live there.I just got back from new York several weeks ago and I will be posting a new blog about it, I have been procrastinating being busy with work and all. However in those days I was there I experienced a lot of NY, but not enough. I plan on going back in the next few months, hopefully making my stay permanent. Then, like you said, will I truly get a feel for NYC. Oh and you have to get into trouble too!! haha I agree!! :)


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