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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I just finished reading the book Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. I've never seen the movie with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, what intrigued me to read the book was honestly the cute book cover with its knee high boot with wild flowers growing out of it. I must warn however to those of you who have watched the movie, it is nothing like the film, or so I have read. A majority of the plot is different. I would definitely say this book is a must read. It's decently short only a little over 200 pages and it is a very fast read. The entire reading is very light and whimsical a very happy read although some of the issues in the book are very heavy. It tells the story of two sisters growing up together and all the trials and tribulations they deal with along with the happy moments as well. Although the book is entitled Practical Magic, thus implying that the girls in the story are witches or practice some for of black magic, it is not really the main subject of the story. They are not typical witches, or witches at all for that matter. The magic in the story is more of the magic of love and the magic of family. Both practical and mystical at the same time. I will not divulge too much of the story in order to avoid spoilers, (those are never fun--Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix was ruined for me by a insignificant MSN article) but I do implore that you all read this book. It is so light yet deep, happy yet sad, and practical yet magical. Happy reading!
I am constantly looking for new books to read. Any advice?


  1. Tuthfully, I did not like the movie "Practical Magic." Not that it's a "chick flick" and I'm too many for that stuff (really, for the longest time "Notting Hill" was in my top 5 favorite movies)...

    No, it was boring, predictable, and I had had enough of that. However, I am glad that you pointed out that the book is ever-so-different from the movie. I think I'll stop by the libraray and read it before the semester starts back up in the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    a.k.a Maddog Salamander

  2. I think I watched half of the movie "Practical Magic" but got a bit bored. I haven't read the book.

    The book I'm reading at the moment is an autobiography of Carolyn Jessop. She was in a Polygamist Cult, was the 3rd wife of a man in his 50s when she was just 18, and had 8 children in 15 years. It's really interesting!

  3. Oh btw - the book is called "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop.

  4. Im mostly a fantasy reader, you might like it too. Here is my "to-read" list with all the books some friends had recommended me.
    Enjoy! :)


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