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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cupcakes and Chocolate Milk

I normally go out with my friends every Friday night proceeding to spend too much money on too much alcohol only to awake the next day with a very fuzzy recollection of what occurred the previous night and with a new found appreciation for water, aspirin, and the porcelain bowl. Scared to venture onto Facebook dreading what horrendous photographs my terrible friends decided to take of me more than likely with the thought of blackmail in mind. Tonight however, when I left work it started sprinkling big drops of rain and the skies were ablaze with a light show that would rival any Fourth of July celebration. For some reason the idea of cupcakes popped into my head and I headed to the local grocery store to gather all of the ingredients to complete my little homemade masterpieces. I stayed in and baked, not something I would normally admit to doing. Cupcakes and chocolate milk consumed my Friday night and good conversation with my mother, which was something that made the whole night even sweeter.

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